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Granite gauge tips

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Marble plane inspection station, also known as granite platform specifications: less than 3000mm × 5000mm suitable for a variety of inspection precision measurement of the reference plane, mechanical testing benchmarks for machine tools; dimensional accuracy or shape inspection of parts for deviation, and for precision marking and scribing.
Marble plane inspection station in strict accordance with "GB / T 8601. 2001, JC / T 79-2001 standard" marble slab for a variety of inspection, such as precision measurement of the reference plane, measuring a variety of machine tools inspection, inspection of parts dimensional accuracy, line deviation and make precision crossed, marble slab.
Marble slab is crossed, measuring, welding, tooling process is absolutely essential table, marble slab can also do mechanical test bench Uses: Suitable for a variety of inspection, precision measurement of the reference plane, mechanical testing machine for measuring dimensional accuracy or behavioral benchmarks, check parts of the deviation. granite slab is a precision reference measurement tools, natural stone material, for instrumentation, precision tools, machinery and parts of the test, is the ideal plane. Especially for high-precision measurements, because of its unique characteristics, leaving the cast iron plate dwarfs. Note: marble platform is a measuring tool, such qualities as well as granite-foot, granite parallel rules, granite v-frame and so on.

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