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Flat Rock's use and maintenance

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1One tablet should be placed in a constant temperature and humidity-controlled, air-conditioned room, but it should avoid direct sunlight or ventilation; particularly important that there should not be a temperature difference between the vertical direction or temperature gradients, resulting in flat working surface and the bottom surface has a different temperature
2 tablet should firmly support and leveling. Support should be located on a solid foundation.
3 Note that the plate adjustment program.
4 proper load, attention should not overload the plate.
5 due to localized surface uneven, flat is not allowed contact point (use). The role played by the media should contact the precise amount of the block, and its thickness should not exceed 10mm, or a pad with the same precision.
6 tablet should use the entire effective area, but not always concentrate in one area of ​​use.
7 tablet is due to avoid damage to the plane, but should often face scrubbed clean of dust or other particles. When measuring, you should auxiliary piece of cloth on a plate to put the gadget or the amount of blocks.
8Common signs of damage 8 tablet surface scratches after use should cover their face in it.
9 After use always wear flat, the user can detect signs of wear following ways: with an advanced tablet to grind the flat, and then study the appearance of state after grinding; straightness detection using the reference gauge flat in each direction.
10 tablet manufacturers recommend that you use a professional maintenance of favorable conditions, the plates were handed over to the manufacturer for repair.

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